(April 29, 2016) – I talk with churches all the time. And one constant that runs through the conversations I have with them is to get inside the minds of their congregants and engage with them (whether on Sundays or through the week) in a way that’s personal, genuine, and organized. 

That’s why I’m psyched for Bluebridge’s brand new Quick Polls feature, which not only gives app users an anonymous tool to share their opinions and feedback no matter where they are (in-service or on-the-go through the week so engagement comes full circle), but gives churches a quick and easy way to gather sentiments on important church topics instantly with real-time results. 

“In what situations are quick polls most helpful?”

The most successful churches are sending push messages with quick polls to gather congregation feedback in a number of areas. But before you send, remember:

  • Make sure questions can be answered in multiple choice format.
  • Write questions and answers to be engaging/creative, yet easily understandable.
  • Keep questions simple and/or light-hearted. If they’re too deep, users may be hesitant to answer or you may get skewed data.

Struggling for inspiration? Here are 20 example questions you can try out with your church to get instant feedback:

Sermon Content / Messages

What was your favorite worship song this morning?

What resonated with you most from this week’s sermon?

Which of these guest speakers would you like to hear in-service?

Faith Journeys / Progress

How many times per week do you read the Bible?

Do you feel our church is supporting your faith journey?

In what ways could our church better support your faith journey?

Ministries and Events

Which of these ministries are you most passionate about supporting?

What night of the week would you prefer socials be held?

What was your favorite church event this month?

What food should be catered in for the church picnic?

Church Decisions (Future/Vision)

Which of these long-term projects would you like to see accomplished?

How fervently do you believe in our church mission?

What percent of your income do you currently tithe?

How would you describe your position in the church?

In-Service Curriculum/Content

What was your favorite worship song this morning?

Which in-service resource do you use most for worship?

How would you describe the diversity of songs in our worship set?

Mid-Week Engagement

In what ways have you lived out Sunday’s sermon this week?

How would you describe the frequency/quality of our push messages?

QUIZ: What did Pastor Tim say was the key to freedom?

Mutual Benefit

While Quick Polls give you instant access to data you wouldn’t have otherwise had, it’s not just you as a church leader that benefits from the answers. When you ask your congregation their opinions about church topics, they feel valued as members and confident in their sentiments when they see that peers have voted like-mindedly. Plus, answers are always anonymous and aggregated, so users feel confident in sharing.

Ready to see Quick Polls in action? Take steps to skyrocket your church engagement by requesting a demo today!


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Author: Charlie Polcher

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