(July 23, 2015) – Push notifications aren’t new. But among all communication channels, they’re definitely the most direct form of contact. After all, push messages are the only communication that goes directly to users’ phones—right in their palm—no matter where they are.

Yet, 35% of consumers who subscribe to mobile marketing say they aren’t getting relevant messaging. So where’s the disconnect?

Push isn’t just another way to blast messages. They’re a way to connect with your church on a more personal, more service-oriented level, bringing them information they can’t get anywhere else.

To help you do that, we’ve put together 42 example push notifications in various categories of church engagement that you can use to get your program off the ground. Here’s a sneak peek of some of our recommended content for your next push:


Small groups, programming, social activities, volunteering, media, outreach   

Ice cream social after worship today. Bring a friend!


Tickets to our Easter program are selling fast! Click to reserve your spot now.

Deepening Discipleship

Daily devotions, bible reading, worship, inspiration, prayer requests

What’s your favorite bible verse? Share it with someone today.


Urgent prayer request: open ASAP for details


Service logistics, church operations, weather, announcements

Don’t forget — Saturday night services will now begin at 5:30 p.m. starting this weekend!


Can’t make it to church because of the snow? Follow along with live streaming in the app!


Youth group, programming, YA literature, outreach, announcements

Youth group starts at 6pm tonight! Join as we kick off our new series on Christian relationships.


Middle schoolers: tomorrow is BFF night. Have you invited a friend?


Mobile giving, reminders, inspiration

Challenge: Skip the Starbucks today and donate to the food bank mission. #foodforfriends


#ImpactHaiti: We’re at 50% of goal! $3,000 to go. Donate today!

There’s more where that came from! Check out the remaining 32 examples in our new guide for a little “push” in the right direction.

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Author: Stefanie Jansen

42 Push Notifications Every Church Should Be Sending

Suggestions, tips, and tricks for engaging your congregation through push messages

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