Our Story

Bluebridge was born from a single statistic.

In the summer of 2011, Bluebridge founder Santiago Jaramillo read that smartphones had outsold PCs for the first time ever in Q1 of that same year.

Realizing that the traditional model for apps—where businesses pay good money to have their apps built, only to watch them become outdated shortly after launch—was a broken one, Santiago set out to create a company that helped organizations connect with their audiences in the mobile space. From there, Bluebridge was created as an app platform that would provide apps that were constantly up-to-date for a flat annual cost that organizations could easily budget for. With the addition of two new partners, CTO Mitch Shields and VP of Sales Adam Weber,  Bluebridge quickly grew from a team of three to a team of ten, then 15, and now 30.

Now the largest provider of destination apps in the world, Bluebridge has launched more than 600 apps in the iTunes and Google Play app stores for organizations around the world like The Wesleyan Church, Purdue University, Kissimmee, FL, Gatlinburg, TN, the country of South Africa, and more.

Located in Fishers, IN, Bluebridge plans to continue its growth as an emerging leader in the mobile and Indiana tech landscape.

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Core Values

We live by five distinct principles that govern our business, culture, and social practices:

Foundational Integrity

From watercooler chatter to customer interactions, we’re committed to forging genuine relationships built on honesty, respect, trust, transparency, fairness, and integrity.

Customer Success

We don’t just provide products—we solve important challenges for our customers, giving more value than we take.

Relentless Innovation

We’re constantly improving, accelerating, and growing, pushing the envelope and taking creative risks to arrive at something better than before.

Passion & Discipline

We’ll stop at nothing to hit our goals and add value. We work hard because we believe in what what we do.

People & Culture

We treat people with respect, growing and retaining the best talent we can to help them chase and fulfill meaningful, challenging work.

  • I’m really thankful for the opportunity that we’ve had through Bluebridge. They were really aware and sensitive to the needs of a church and not just another business or another organization. It’s been great to utilize mobile app technology for the church and to see how it can impact the Kingdom.

    Rachel Riley
    Communications Director, Church at the Crossing

  • If you’re considering Bluebridge, don’t think about it, just do it. Bluebridge worked with us to help develop the app that we wanted instead of asking us to fill in the blanks. It was a two-way street and lines of communication were open the entire time. They’re amazing.

    Brent Brooks
    Director of Student Marketing, Olivet Nazarene University