Apps Can Now Embed Uber 

(March 20, 2015) – Mobile apps are getting even cooler. 

Earlier this week, Uber announced the public release of its new Request endpoint, allowing third-party developers to embed the product in other apps. Though Uber first launched its API back in August, the capabilities were still limited, only allowing for the sending of address destinations and the ability to view ride histories. Now, developers will be able to incorporate the full Uber experience into existing apps. 

What could this mean for the future of apps? For the future of transportation? For the future of tourism? The world we know is about to get more mobile than ever. 

Already, Uber is causing local authorities to consider how they deliver speedy transportation service—even for emergency use. 

Astoundingly, New York City Ubers have now surpassed 911 ambulatory services in terms of response time. At just 2.42 minutes in Manhattan and 3.1 minutes in the surrounding boroughs, Uber response times are beating New York City ambulances to the scene, dwarfing their 6.1-minute average. Even then, that total doesn’t account for 911 activation times, which factor in call response and dispatch. That means citizens in need of medical attention are waiting upwards of 10 minutes for help while business professionals and tourists are being picked up much sooner—and in style. 

Regardless, there’s a HUGE opportunity here for the transportation, mobile, and tourist industries. Mobile will start to play an even bigger part in how we go about our daily lives. And this week’s announcement is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we’ll see develop over the next year and subsequent decade. What’s cool is that mobile apps and technology are having a bigger impact on the world than just how we communicate and consume information. They’re changing the way we experience the physical world. 

Either way, organizations will already have a leg up on going mobile by plugging into existing mobile app and tech companies instead of developing on their own.



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Author: Stefanie Jansen

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