(April 9, 2015) – Finally—an award for those folks in the tech industry who are often behind the scenes. They’re the critical role players who are crucial to your organization’s success, but don’t often get the accolades they deserve. For the first time, TechPoint has launched its new Tech 25 list, commending twenty-five individuals who have been critical in building the Indianapolis tech community.

For Bluebridge, that somebody is Ian Illig.

An employee since 2012, Ian was Bluebridge’s first non-founding hire. Fresh out of college, Ian began as a jack-of-all trades, splitting his time between sales and marketing initiatives to ultimately create the Bluebridge Tourism brand from scratch. Today, he is a Business Development Manager specializing in mobile apps for the tourism industry and is a consistent leader and performer for his team.

Here’s what Ian’s colleagues, peers, and mentors had to say about him:

“He’s built our tourism business from nothing to being the largest tourism app developer in the world…He is only 24 years old and had zero sales experience before starting, which makes his contribution to Bluebridge even more meaningful and inspiring.”

– Santiago Jaramillo
CEO, Bluebridge

“Ian has been the behind-the-scenes hero of the Bluebridge growth story…he has pushed for mobile innovation in the tourism industry and changed the culture and conversations that tourism directors all across the country are having about mobile apps.”

– Adam Weber
VP of Sales, Bluebridge

“His character and charisma are unmatched and our team was beyond thrilled to work with him. Ian understands the vision and message of Special Olympics Indiana…”

– Scott Furnish 
Sr. Director of Organization Advancement, Special Olympics of IN

Congratulations, Ian! We couldn’t be more proud of you as one of the first winners of this prestigious award. Thanks for all you bring to Bluebridge and the Indy tech community!

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