(July 28, 2016) – My team and I work with churches like yours every day. We meet with executive pastors, ministers of communications/technology, and more. We hear the needs and challenges of small and large churches alike. So, we get it. Churches are self-funded and budgets can be tight.

But because you’re tech-savvy and you know that churchgoers are more mobile now than ever, you’ve still probably asked yourself:

Can my church afford the best mobile app on the market?”

The answer may surprise you.

Why Your Church Can Afford a World-Class Mobile App

Are you investing in tools that will ultimately bring your church value and more loyal disciples? Or have you chosen a solution that will fail or run out of steam within a few weeks only to sit on a shelf for a year or more? Worse—are you still relying solely on disconnected resources like email newsletters, paper bulletins, or social media without integrating them into a comprehensive medium?

Bluebridge is the industry’s premier mobile app for engaging your congregation. When you make an investment in a Bluebridge app, you’re purchasing a better product (with deep expertise, strategy, and support all at no extra cost), which results in added value for you and your church. Here’s how I know:

  • The Bluebridge platform. Unlike custom or “DIY” apps, which are built once and never touched again, Bluebridge apps are built on an always-improving platform shared with more than 600 other apps. All customers benefit from the innovation of other apps on the platform through new features, regular back-end updates, and continuous delivery (meaning you don’t have to constantly resubmit your app to the app store when things change). Our customers say it best:

“The speed with which Bluebridge implemented our app was unprecedented. The quick turnaround speaks to the flexibility and ease of their platform, as well as the determination of the customer success team. Now we can be confident about having our app in place as we develop a launch plan to our congregation.”

Wendy Willard
Director of Communications
Fellowship Greenville Church

  • The value of engagement. A mobile app allows you to engage your congregation (whether in-service or throughout the week) in a way that your website or paper bulletin can’t. Most people check their phone before even getting out of bed—and continue to check it 150 times per day before returning to bed. That means you can reach your members with engaging content and push messages no matter where they are. And when they’re engaged with the messages you’re sharing, they’re more likely to give back and become loyal, long-term members of your church.
  • Text giving. Our text giving capabilities through our exclusive partnership with Kindrid Smart Giving allow you to increase donations by making it easier for your members to give at the touch of a button, no matter where they are. At Peachtree City Christian Church (PTC3) in Georgia, text giving has even saved enough money on paper bulletin costs to pay for their mobile app. With a 1,000% increase in church giving (yep, you heard that right), PTC3 is now able to bring in more than $120,000 annually through their app alone.
  • 360 support. Unlike any other church app solution, Bluebridge provides you with ongoing support, expertise, and best practices from your very first meeting. Your customer success manager acts as your single point of contact so you can not only get help and tips on making your app better, but ongoing strategy to help you achieve your engagement goals long-term. When’s the last time you had a positive customer support experience?

“I needed someone I could count on to keep us online and working. If I have a vision for something, I need to know I have someone I can call. Bluebridge has kept me on track, setting realistic timelines, and making sure my role was very clear.”

– Robin Harper
Director of Communications
Southside Church

Over 600 churches and organizations around the world have made an investment in the industry’s best app and now experience unprecedented levels of congregation engagement, giving, and connectivity with their members. Why? Because their members (and yours) deserve it. Give us a call or request a demo today to speak with one of our mobile experts about helping your church realize the true value of engagement.

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Author: Ian Illig

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