Church at the Crossing

Indianapolis, Indiana
Partner Since: 2014

“I’m really thankful for the opportunity that we’ve had through Bluebridge. They were really aware and sensitive to the needs of a church and not just another business or organization. It’s been great to utilize mobile app technology for the church and to see how it can impact the Kingdom.”

— Rachel Riley, Communications Director


Church at the Crossing has a congregation that is over 100 years old, and its members span a wide demographic. While they keep up-to-date on technology by offering sermon audio downloads and a highly interactive website, they were still finding that most of their communication with their congregation happened on Sunday. Whenever members missed a Sunday, they usually also missed out on everything the church had to offer during the week. No longer content with bulletins and in-service announcements, Church at the Crossing wanted a way to communicate with their congregation all week long without creating a lot of extra work for their already-busy staff.


  • Engage

    members throughout the week

  • Keep up

    with the way our culture communicates

  • Provide

    easy access to their sermon and newsletter content

Key Features

  • Sermon Media Library
  • Personalized Push Notifications
  • Ekklesia 360 Integration

The Impact

Church at the Crossing became a Bluebridge partner and launched their app on Easter Sunday in 2014. Since then, they’ve had over 650 downloads and are averaging over 250 sessions per week. Their members have traded pieces of paper stuck in bibles for sermon notes taken right in the app.

Fully Integrated

Since Church at the Crossing was already using Ekklessia 360 for their website, they were able to use our built-in integration to automatically feed the content in their app. They keep doing what they’ve always done and their news, announcements, calendar, sermons and more are populated in the app automatically.

The Power of Push

Church at the Crossing has also been using personalized push notifications to keep their congregation up-to-date. They regularly send event reminders, small group communications and last-minute updates to members who have indicated interest in a particular ministry.

Engagement for All Ages

One of the reasons Church at the Crossing purchased an app was to better connect with the younger members of their congregation, but they were surprised to learn how many of their older members have downloaded the app and found it useful. Members of all ages love easily listening to sermons when they’re traveling or on-the-go.

Next Steps

After seeing success and receiving positive feedback, Church at the Crossing has been able to take the next step with their app. They print fewer bulletins every week, reducing print costs. They’ve also put signs in their lobby area that encourage guests to download the app. They’re currently working on making the app a part of their first time visitor packet as well.

Church at the Crossing’s mission is to help its congregation connect, devote and engage. We’re proud to have built them an app that helps them accomplish that mission.

  • 51

    # of audio sermons available for streaming in the app

  • 10.6

    Distance (in miles) between Church at the Crossing and the Bluebridge office

  • 0

    # of days per week one youth group member said she goes without opening the app

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