Olivet Nazarene University

Bourbonnais, Illinois
Partner Since: 2013

“We wanted to focus exclusively on student life and we couldn’t find a quality app provider who would do it. Bluebridge worked with us to help develop the app that we wanted instead of asking us to fill in the blanks. It was a two-way street and lines of communication were open the entire time.”

— Brent Brooks, Director of Student Marketing


Olivet has a rich history, a location adjacent to one of the most exciting cities in the world and high educational standards. What they didn’t have—before becoming a Bluebridge partner— was a sure-fire way to connect with their students.

Like many other colleges and universities, Olivet had a variety of on-campus activities, but weren’t seeing the kind of involvement they wanted. Flyers and email messages were going unseen, and great activities and organizations weren’t getting the attention they deserved.

The Olivet team decided that, in order to get the students relevant information, they would have to use the platform they were using. They soon realized that this platform was an app. After looking at many different app companies, Olivet asked us to create a college companion that focused only on what mattered most to students.


  • Get

    relevant, fun information to students to help make their lives easier

  • Build

    an app students will use at least once a week

  • Answer

    common questions/problems students kept running in to

  • Create

    one go-to place for all vital student information

Key Features

  • Tailored, up-to-date design
  • Information directories
  • Personalized event calendar
  • iCal integration

The Impact

We created an app with a wealth of information, but in a streamlined format that lets students easily find activities they want to get involved in. Information directories help Olivet students keep track of the various buildings on campus (and their sometimes-unpredictable hours). The personalized event calendar allows students to view only the opportunities that interest them the most. And the powerful iCal integration allows multiple ONU departments to maintain their own calendars which are automatically pushed to the app. These features combine with many others, culminating in the one-stop student hub Olivet set out to create.

Here are some of the app’s key successes to date

  • Over 50% of the student population had downloaded the app within one week of launch.
  • Tens of thousands of fliers and emails no longer needed, reducing print costs
  • App enables multiple departments/groups to edit, allowing previously separate communications to go into a single student channel

The Olivet app reduces information overload, resulting in students spending less time trying to figure out what to do on campus, and more time enjoying a rich, transformational community.

  • 1

    # of ONU wifi networks crashed when the app was made available for download

  • 460

    Total # of hours ONU students spent inside the app in the first six months

  • 300

    Average # of sessions per day during the school year

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