Together with the Bluebridge Specialists

Building a stunning mobile app for your church is just the beginning. How will you help people discover it in the iTunes store? Make it valuable to members? Keep it fresh? What content does your congregation need to stay actively engaged throughout the week? And how can you tell what’s working … and what needs to be tweaked?

Unlike other church app builders, Bluebridge won’t leave you to figure this out on your own. Our dedicated team of mobile app experts will coach you every step of the way—from the moment you begin building to the modifications you make years down the development road. You’ll be provided with a single point of contact who will equip you with the best practices, creative suggestions, and feedback you’ll need to turn every good idea into yet another unforgettable app experience.

It’s all provided on demand. At no extra cost. With a dedicated Customer Success Manager assigned specifically to your account.

For church leaders. By churchgoers.

Churchgoers are relying on mobile devices in record numbers, but it can be hard to decide where to start—especially when so many platforms are too complicated, time-consuming and costly to maintain. You need someone in your corner who understands the unique needs of congregations.

Enter the Bluebridge specialists. These mobile app experts aren’t just studying best practices for churches. They’re applying them, too. Our Customer Success Managers have strong backgrounds in both large and small churches, and they’ve customized app experiences for their own church communities. We’re ready to share the lessons we’ve learned so you can:


Let us handle the entire app store submission process for you, from pre-submission testing to official release, so churchgoers can quickly discover and download your app from day one.


Your app will touch every aspect of church life, 365 days a year. We’ll help you craft creative push notifications to keep members coming back to the app again and again.


Bible reading plans. Daily devotionals. Words of encouragement. Bluebridge makes it easy to fill your app with these and other resources for personal growth throughout the week.

Don’t think of us as a software supplier. We’re not a mobile app vendor. Bluebridge is here to be your partner. We’ll call you. Email you. Check in at regularly scheduled intervals to monitor progress and help you align with our strategic mobile plan for deeper connections with your congregation. Our Customer Success Managers also serve as your gateway to other resources within the business, such as advanced technical support. 

It may only take a few weeks to build your church app, but maintaining it as a ministry to members involves years’ worth of messaging that strengthens involvement and reinforces faith, day after day. We’ll be by your side every step of the way as your partner in long-term success.


“ I needed someone I could count on to keep us online and working. If I have a vision for something, I need to know I have someone I can call. Bluebridge has kept me on track, setting realistic timelines, and making sure my role was very clear. ”

– Robin Harper, Director of Communications, Southside Church

“ We had used other app companies but our issue was finding one that was easy to use but still offered great support and features. Bluebridge fit the bill perfectly. The Bluebridge team helps us connect with our congregation beyond the walls of our church. ”

– Marc Romero, Pastor, The Sound Church

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