(Dec. 10, 2015) Now that Bluebridge message regions are here through our latest product release, we’re so excited to show you all the ways your church can take advantage and create deeper engagement with your congregation.

Push messages are a great way to increase app downloads, share meaningful communications, and connect with your congregation throughout the week. Now, the introduction of message regions adds an additional benefit of reaching the right people based on their current location. Message regions create a geofence around a location so messages only go to users inside or outside of that location. Adding a message region around your church can present new opportunities for congregation communication like:


  1. Use as a Mobile Greeter
    First impressions can add a lot to the worship experience. Think about adding the app to your team of greeters! With message regions, you can send a welcome message before the start of the service to anyone inside the church building. A simple greeting can add a warm welcome and share important pre-service announcements.
  2. Incorporate in the Worship Service
    Message regions give you the benefit of only sending messages to app users who are in a specific location (i.e. the church). Messages can now be used to provide supplemental materials during the worship service. Think about sending sermon passages, a sermon theme that can be tweeted, or digital handouts at various points in the service to the congregation members who are attending.
  3. Promote your Connection Card
    Gathering information about your congregation is important to encourage involvement, community, and fellowship. Message regions can be used to remind your congregation to fill out the connection card during the service so you can easily gather attendance and follow-up information.
  4. Enhance Church Events
    Message regions can also add value to other events at the church outside of the weekend services. Think of ways to incorporate messages into these events. Reminders during the event or social sharing with event hashtags can keep participants even more involved in your special events.
  5. Connect with App Users who Missed the Service
    One of the great things about message regions is that you can also send to users outside of a particular location, making it easy to stay connected with anyone who wasn’t able to come to a service. These messages could include a link to your live stream to watch or share the service, a theme from the sermon, or questions to consider and discuss.

Message regions offer new and exciting opportunities to increase engagement with your congregation and target a message to your audience in context to their location. To learn more about message regions, contact your Customer Success Manager. Be sure to share your ideas with us on the innovative ways you’ve used message regions!

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Author: Leah Hahn

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