(February 20, 2015) – We love when our customers are recognized for their app success. It happens a lot—from news articles and social media mentions to awards and public recognition, we’ve seen our customers get all kinds of love for the cool ways they’re using our apps to engage their visitors.

We recently came across one such example—a news report that ran not long after Carson City, NV released their app. It’s a great feature that covers what their app does, as well as everyone from CVB staff to local business owners love having the app. Check out the video below, then head over to our featured app page to try the Carson City app out for yourself.



“It’s priceless. It’s put us ahead of the market. It’s put us ahead of the region.”

Carson City is cashing in on a new social media app to increase tourism. Money Watch tops Channel 2 news at 5:30.

Good evening everybody, I’m Wendy Damonte. Kristen is off tonight. Thank you for staying with us.

It’s an interesting marriage of history and new technology. With tourism, it’s all about effective marketing. And Carson City is banking on the technology of the future to build it.

Erin Breen joins us from the news room with details on the tie between the two, and Erin, it sounds like it’s working.

Well Wendy, when it comes to marketing Carson City, tri-fold brochures and mailers are out. The app is what’s in. And they’ve got one to outline exactly what’s going on in the capital city at all times and those behind it say that they’re seeing a big payoff.

Hear that? It’s the subtle wind chimes of change. Stan Jones has run the Purple Avocado gift shop for 14 years now, and while he says he’s not too technically-savvy himself, even he can see that the tourism app recently launched by the Carson City Visitors Center is a good thing.

“It’s exceeding, I think, everybody’s expectations. I really do.”

Here’s how it works: a quick, free download and…

“It makes the information that you would look for in print media…just right there in the palm of your hand and then it makes that information real-time. Eat—where all the food is—and then stay—all of our room and lodging…”

That’s events, hiking trails, restaurants, shopping specials—it’s ALL here.

In fact, sports tourism is becoming huge in Carson city. And up-to-date information is very important for that.

“This coming week, we’ll start the girls fast pitch—the all-world sports fast pitch world— that’ll bring about 50-60 teams. The following week, we’ll have over 100 baseball teams coming into Carson City for the all-word national Chase the Ring championship tournament.”

Carson City has always been known for its history. Now, they’re attracting a whole new demographic—the 25-45-year-old mobile media user.

[Trail system, the mountain biking, the river, walking, running…]

And as tourists learn more about this area, the visitors center is learning more about them.

“Our mobile app has a full analytics suite. We know who’s downloading it, where they’re downloading it, and how they’re using it after they download the app.”

…which they expect will help them grow businesses even more.

“I just envision it growing and growing. I truly do.”

Now, the app is actually called the “Visit Carson City Things to Do.” It was created through grant money, and they say it’s already paid for itself by bringing new tourists to town. And we’ve got a link all set up for you on our website at ktvn.com. Just click on the online version of this story.

Covering money watch, Erin Breen, Channel 2 news.

And it looks really easy to use with great pictures! Ok, Erin, thank you…

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Author: Andrew Clark

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