Different people use your tourism mobile app for different reasons. Visitors want tourism info while they’re exploring your destination. Residents download your app to stay in the know about local businesses. And users in neighboring cities download the app to hear suggestions for weekend getaways and day trips. With Bluebridge Geo Push, you can give each of these unique users exactly what they need based purely on location.

Bluebridge Tourism Geo Push allows you to:

  • Drop a pin and draw a radius around a specific location to create push messaging regions.
  • Send select push notifications only to users located inside or outside a selected geographic region.
  • Create unique, location-based marketing messages.

By basing your push notification messaging around specific latitude-longitude pairs, you can share the activities and events that are most relevant to users based on where they are. Encourage repeat visits, promote local engagement, and entice first-time visitors—all with one easy-to-use feature.