(August 10, 2015) – Ah, the smell of a fresh box of crayons. For many of us, back to school season brings back memories of new clothes, hair cuts, and a new backpack full of pristine school supplies. But it occurred to us — not every kid gets to experience this feeling.

That’s why we decided to hold our first annual Bluebridge school supply drive to benefit Indianapolis Public School 55 – Eliza A. Blaker Elementary. And as the first philanthropic event for our internal culture committee, Bridgelife, it wasn’t without a little friendly competition either.

School supply donation drive contributions

Bluebridge internal departments were given just one week to gather new school supplies. The team with the highest volume of donations would win a pizza party. (And trust me, if there’s one thing we don’t take lightly around here, it’s free lunch.)

We received a tremendous response from our employees.

School supply donation drive contributions

In just one week, a small but mighty team of 32 full-time employees brought in 42 large bags/boxes of school supplies to contribute to IPS 55 for the 2015-2016 school year. The winners? You guessed it — the Sales team. #diehards (Don’t expect any cheering on this end. I’m in Marketing!)

The Sales team relishing their win.

I have some experience with employee cultures, and let me tell you — it’s not always easy to drum up employee participation. That’s why I was so proud and pleasantly surprised by my colleagues’ contributions. At the same time, I could tell it wasn’t just the pizza party or the internal competition that made this philanthropic event so worthwhile. It was the picture we all received after delivering the supplies to the school:

The team delivering the donations to IPS 55.

We look forward to many community outreach events like this in the future! Best of luck for a great school year to our friends at IPS 55.

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