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You already know that to optimize your website performance, you need to focus on SEO. It works the same for mobile apps. In addition to creating a well-built app, you need a way to drive traffic to it. That’s where App Store Optimization (ASO) comes in.

ASO helps you:

  • Encourage user feedback. Feedback not only allows the user to be heard, but it gives you an opportunity to improve your app and correct bugs or enhance features. Just like SEO, reviews written by genuine users are given more weight by search algorithms and are highly valued.
  • Rank higher. Ratings and reviews are indexed as metadata for search, placing you higher in rankings because you have more user interaction.
  • Increase downloads. As you acquire more positive reviews, your ranking will improve drastically. As you climb the rankings, users will see your app first, increasing the probability of downloads.
  • Influence prospective users. Reviews help other users make their choice. While positive reviews increase confidence in the prospective user, negative comments result in the opposite.
  • Build credibility for your app and brand. Your reviews and rankings aren’t just a reflection on your app—they’re a reflection on your brand. By creating positive interactions with users, your brand builds trust with users.

Getting More Reviews

  1. Just ask!
    Users don’t always think to post their feedback—unless they have motivation to air a grievance. Beat them to the punch and ask for feedback up front.
  2. Reinforce your message.
    Remind users to rate and review your app by cross-promoting through other marketing channels like email, newsletters, social networks, and more. You may even consider offering an incentive!
  3. Build a “resident area.”
    By creating a designated area for ratings and reviews, users know exactly where to go if and when they want to give feedback. Your menu is a great place to draw attention to it.
  4. Hold contests and promotions.
    “What’s in it for me?” Give your users an incentive to provide feedback and encourage sharing through social networks and databases.

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Author: Janet Smith

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