June 30, 2015 – It’s the reality that the people that go to your church live in. They walk into church and they may not be around that technology in that one hour, but right before they walked in, and right when they walk out, and when they go home, and when they go to the office—that’s the world that they live in. And so, the role of the church really can be influential in helping shape the way that they engage and communicate with technology.

You know, our number one issue is not getting people in the door. It’s congregation engagement. I think what’s really neat about apps today—that is the most consumed technology in our whole culture. The amount of time people spend on apps is unparalleled. It’s two hours and 30 minutes a day. And why is that? It’s because they’re easy to get to, they’re fast, they’re native, they’re utilizing all those features that are already on the phone. And so for a church, there’s a ton of tools in there that they can leverage. One that really stands out to me is a deeply-engaged social share feature. Imagine during that Sunday service, a pastor can say “Hey, share about the sermon” and there’s a one-touch…you’re in there, you can share about it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest—whatever it is without logging in. You can post and get the word out to your friends and neighbors.

I think Bluebridge, I mean, specifically some of the things we’re doing are, our technology is moving at a pace that is exceptional. So as opposed to just getting an app that sits static, we’re making rapid improvements to it. We’re really addressing how to engage the congregant on Sunday through giving, through notes, through announcements, through fill-in-the-blank. It’s also we’re addressing things like messaging and being strategic with how we do messaging. So rather than mass messaging to everybody, it’s “Can you schedule them?” “Can you personalize them to different audiences?” “Can you act on those messages?” Deep down, every church wants to connect in meaningful, relevant ways with their congregation. And today, the most relevant, meaningful way, and the most relevant, meaningful channel to connect with their congregation is through mobile.


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Author: Adam Weber

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