(April 2, 2015) I’m excited to announce that the “Bluebridge Church” demo app is now live! (for iOS and Android) While the Bluebridge Church is not a real church, the new app is certainly a real app—allowing you to demo functionality, preview layout, and navigate through content just like our other customer apps! If you’ve ever been curious what a Bluebridge app is like and you want to “try before you buy,” this FREE demo app is just what you need.

What We Did

We launched the Bluebridge Church app to showcase the user experience that you and your congregants can expect from a Bluebridge app. Using the Bluebridge Church app will help you better understand what features and functionality Bluebridge offers and how your church can use and customize them to engage, inform, and grow your congregation. Think of it as test-driving the app, where you can kick the tires and get familiar with Bluebridge apps for churches.

Top 3 Must-See Functionality in the New Church Demo App

Digital Bulletin

It’s like your church’s traditional bulletin—except it saves money by reducing printing costs and is always within arms reach of your users, even outside of Sunday service. Share church news, announcements, prayer requests, worship information, and other useful information with your members in a digital bulletin.

Audio/Video Library

Does your church host a Vimeo channel, Youtube page, or a podcast? Or maybe you post your past sermon videos and audio on your church website. With a Bluebridge app, you can easily compile your media all in one easily accessible library. Congregants can quickly watch past messages in small groups or on their own throughout the week. Plus, the social media integration helps expand your church’s reach by letting users easily share media and other information in the app with their entire social network.

Push Notifications

Sometimes email, phone calls, or website updates aren’t quick enough when you need to share service cancellations, prayer requests, or other important information. Push notifications are a great way to quickly share information and updates with your congregants at a moment’s notice and throughout the week.

These are just a few of the many features and functions offered in an app by Bluebridge.

Download the Bluebridge Church app to begin exploring the ways your church can engage, inform, and grow your congregation!


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