(Dec. 9, 2015) – Your app won’t be of much use to your users if it cannot be found in the App Store. It’s important to know the key metadata elements to optimize that enable your users to easily locate and then download your app.

It’s important that you strategically choose an app title, description, and keywords that are optimized to produce the highest visibility when users search for your app in the iTunes or Google Play stores. This process is sometimes referred to as App Store Optimization (ASO).

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App Title

The title in the App Store is also known as the name of your app. After your icon, it is the next thing your users will see. Therefore, it is important to be as explicit as possible. The words you put in your app name will also act as searchable keywords.


  • For Apple App Store: Character limit is 255 characters
  • For Google Play: Character limit is 30 characters


  • Make it short—be sure your users can read it on a single screen. Lengthy titles may truncate. We recommend keeping it under 25 characters.
  • If there are multiple organizations with similar names or your destination has multiple apps, make yours stand out. Add your location (i.e. Bluebridge App – Fishers, IN) or consider adding “The” or “The Official ____ App” to your name.

App Description

Your app description should communicate the value of your app, and at the same time appeal to your future users’ emotions. Is the app going to replace a bunch of printed guides or manuals they would have at one time needed to hold on to? Does the app help them navigate easily to a specific area of town? Tell them what problem your app solves and how they are going to benefit from having it on their device.

Call out a few of the most useful features. Even if you are excited about all of them, it is important to convey the features that are most wanted by your audience. Is there a media library of all your past sermons? Does the app provide turn-by-turn directions to get to nearby restaurants? List the features will be the most immediately helpful to them.


  • An introduction to your app
  • A call to action
  • A feature list
  • A short mention of your organization
  • The best way to contact you directly

Keywords (Apple App Store Only)

The keywords you choose for your app are the most important when it comes to App Store searchability. Though your app title is searchable, your keywords are the main search component. The keywords you choose are never visible to your users, they only appear on the backend of the store page.

There is a 100-character limit to keywords. Make sure you separate your keyword with commas and delete all spaces to maximize the keyword field. Use specific keywords for you app. General words like “shopping” and “church” are going to bring up thousands of apps where as your location will narrow that list down exponentially.


  • The keywords field is limited to 100 characters separated by a comma.
  • Spaces and commas are included in the above limit.

Along with crafting the best metadata to represent your app, it is also important to monitor your store pages and encourage your users to rate and review your app on an ongoing basis. If your app has competition, ensuring you have more reviews and a higher rating will rank your app to the top of the list when searched.

Lastly, help your potential users not only find your app in both the App Store and Google Play, but also educate them as to why it should be downloaded. App Store metadata, along with ratings and reviews, will drive users to your app, increasing your audience and making your app more successful overall.

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Author: Brittany Watson

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