Hotbox Pizza

Indianapolis, IN
Partner Since: 2014

“Push notifications allow us to keep our customers up-to-date and increase app sessions to view the calendar.”

— Michelle Connell, Cup Goddess / Organizer of Everything HotBox Pizza

The Challenge

HotBox knew people weren’t relying on their computers for pizza orders and restaurant information anymore. With a goal of making the customer experience as user-friendly as possible, they enlisted the help of a close friend to build a mobile app for the business. But they soon realized the need for extended capabilities like mobile ordering, location finder, push notifications, and more.

Key Features

  • Push Notifications
  • Calendar
  • In-app Web Views

The Solution

HotBox turned to Bluebridge for a mobile app that would better represent their brand. Their partnership with Bluebridge has allowed them the ability to collaborate on new industry-specific features and functionality. With a large and loyal fanbase of customers, HotBox uses push notifications to alert users to the recurring “Pie of the Week” deal. They are even able to schedule push messages months in advance, pointing users to a calendar of featured flavors. Customers can then use the app to place an order using the online system that’s integrated through a convenient web view.

The app has also allowed HotBox to become more strategic about their communications plan, relying on a diverse set of mediums including email, push, web, social media, and more to reach customers with varying preferences.

“When we promote the app in-store, on box tops, over email, and in social media, we see an increase in app downloads and sessions.”

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