(February 15, 2016) – Using the Bluebridge Mobile App Studio, our customers have built some beautiful and compelling apps. But Bluebridge apps go beyond just looking great. We’ve invested countless hours into building a platform that helps churches create the most usable and engaging apps for their congregation.

I’ve seen our customers create some amazing apps. And of all the new and innovative tactics I’ve seen, there are a handful in particular that stand out as some of the most successful in terms of driving deeper engagement with congregations. Here are five tips for driving more engaging church app design:

Custom header images

Use your own graphics that correspond to your church brand style and fonts to place text exactly where you want it. Church of the Redeemer in Gaithersburg, MD is able to include a title and subhead for a more detailed description of each category by designing their own images.

Use vibrant, eye-catching images

If you’re looking to cut through the clutter of everyday life to reach your members, a great way to catch their eye is with carefully-chosen, vibrant imagery. Choose images and photography that stand out with bright colors and interesting subjects—but remember to stay within your church’s brand.

Go panoramic

Peachtree City Christian Church (PTC3) in Peachtree City, Georgia has been killing it with this design idea! Take a compelling photo and split it up so that each portion lays across adjacent tiles. The image looks unified, but the user can tap on the category word to get where they want to go.

Use stock photography sparingly

Between ads, billboards, and tv commercials, your members see enough forced stock photography. Emphasize the point that they’ve landed somewhere genuine by infusing imagery of your pastor, leadership staff, and real church members in order to portray the true vibrancy and lifestyle of your church.

Consistently brand

Make sure your app users know they’ve landed in the right spot. Do your mobile, website, and in-church presences work together for a cohesive experience? Churches like The Hills Church in North Richland Hills, TX does this well by branding and coordinating all of their web and print materials so members feel at home no matter what they’re viewing.

The list doesn’t stop there! Get more tips like these in the Bluebridge Church Mobile App Design Guide and discover app design principles, tactical design tricks, and examples from real customers to help you design an even more engaging experience for your app users!

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Author: Chris Evans

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