Give them the interactive content they crave

Bluebridge libraries allow you to house a myriad of media. The choice is yours—pull in podcasts, past sermon videos, external media from your favorite church sites, and more.

Through robust integrations with the most popular media players—like YouTube, Vimeo, and Apple—we provide native app functionality to make these ever-updating players optimized for your app.

Building an audio/video library can help your members:

  • Catch up on missed sermons*
  • Replay or share sermons with friends throughout the week
  • Use media as supplements to small groups and other discussions

Mobile apps provide the utmost engagement of any other medium. Use media to keep users entertained and energized about their faith.

*Prone to inclement weather? Libraries of audio and video of your weekly sermons will benefit members who may not be able to come to church. #churchfromthecouch

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