(January 26, 2015) – You know you need a better way to communicate and engage with your audience. So, you’ve purchased an app. Now what?

Bluebridge believes there are three big ideas that contribute to the success and ROI of your app:


You’ve heard the saying “Start with the end in mind.” Well, it’s true for your app, too! Goals enable good planning.

  • What are your goals for your app?
  • How will you know if it’s a success?
  • What information are you hoping to share in your app and how?
  • How often will content be updated and by whom?
  • How should you brand your app? What will the look and feel be?

Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) will help you think through all of these questions and more. We’ll start with your initial kick-off meeting so that we have clear direction on version one of your app. From there, you’ll dive into creating content in your app. As your goals evolve over time, your app content and feel should also evolve. Your CSM will be with you every step of your journey.


A beautiful and well-organized app is only valuable if it makes it into users’ hands. Your CSM will help you with promotion and launch strategies. While a promotion plan is critical in the initial launch of your new app, it’s important to continue promoting your app to keep it top-of-mind for new and current users alike.


This is where it all comes together! The reason you chose an app in the first place is to better engage with your audience. Just because someone downloaded your app doesn’t mean they’ll use it. It’s important to have a user engagement plan that drives your audience to open the app and take actions on a regular basis. One of the key ways to engage with users is through push notifications called “Messages.” Your CSM can offer best practices for what to say and how often to notify your users to keep them coming back to the app.

Always be planning the next iteration of your app. Always be promoting and telling people about your app. Always be coming up with new strategies for communicating and engaging with your app users.

All of these things should revolve around the goals of your organization. At any time, your CSM can assist you with goal setting, strategies, and examples. 


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Author: Janet Smith

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