Your visitors are now exploring your destination the way they experience everything else—via mobile. More than an outdated printed visitors guide or a responsive website with basic information, a mobile app provides deep content that keeps them engaged and coming back.


Apps Help You:

Engage On-the-Go

Provide an engaging, modern, mobile tool for visitors to engage find directories of local attractions, a calendar of events, places and maps, and much more. And because content is digital, it’s always updated and mobile for convenient accessibility.

Be an Industry Pioneer

Lead the tourism industry in delighting visitors with the use of geofence technology, mapping with GPS and turn-by-turn directions, in-app FaceTime, and more.

Showcase the Best of Your Destination

Curate content about your destination through experience guides and eat/stay/play directories to show visitors the best it has to offer instead of relying on third parties.

Quickly Communicate

Send engaging, actionable push messages with the click of a button for event reminders, flash sales, or local news.

Reduce Overhead Costs

Reduce printing and mailing costs for visitors guides by pointing visitors to the app for the most up-to-date content about your destination. Plus, monetize the app with ads from local businesses and organizations.

Attract and Retain Visitors

Attract savvy travelers with a compelling brand story and the ability to book their stay through mobile. Or, entice conventions with a separate event app that holds the most engaging, curated content about your destination.

Drive Traffic to Local Business

Feature local businesses in the app through directories, maps, and push notifications that drive visitors to connect with owners or stop in and purchase.

The Leading Mobile Messaging Solution for Tourism

Send real-time messages with push notifications to engage app users with updates and reminders.

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Preview, Schedule, Segment, Send

The Bluebridge Mobile App Studio allows you to compose and preview your app messages, then send to specific audiences or schedule for later.

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Target Visitors by Location

Using Bluebridge Message Regions, you can configure geofence areas to send a segmented message to users who are inside or outside a specific region.

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Our Solution

Bluebridge provides CVBs and DMOs with unmatched quality and robustness through a unique solution that combines:

  • Beautiful, high quality mobile apps
  • Scalable platform
  • Easy-to-use content management system
  • Mobile expertise
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