(February 1, 2016) Employee engagement means different things depending on who you ask. Here at Bluebridge, we take it pretty seriously. As Bluebridge has jumped into the employee engagement market, we have been doing a lot of internal reflecting and growth here in our Fishers, IN office.

We have an elected committee, Bridgelife, that develops our culture and acts as the advocates of our core values. They plan our social, professional development, and philanthropic events throughout the year. At one point in time, they gifted us with baby plants adorned with tags that read, “Plant our core values in your mind, and watch our company grow.” I’m proud to say that roughly six months in, mine’s still doing rather well, but this is just the first step in having an office buzzing with engaged, happy employees.

Employee engagement isn’t just a task to check off a list. It’s an ongoing, ever-evolving process. It’s making everyone feel they are an asset; that they are needed, valued, and will be acknowledged for their accomplishments; that personal success and professional development is not only encouraged, it’s provided. It’s being heard. If something doesn’t feel right or isn’t working as smoothly as you believe it should be, you have someone to go to, brainstorm with, and are then given the tools needed to not only make the situation better for yourself, but for your co-workers.

This effort is what enables, motivates, and drives us here at Bluebridge to do the best work we can everyday.

Employee engagement is enjoying yourself so much at work, you choose to go above and beyond. It’s your entire company rallying around your coworkers’ personal endeavors outside of work. At Bluebridge, we’ve supported employees who have opened their own businesses, played at open mic nights, and coached a little league sports team. It’s coming in to work 30 minutes early to celebrate the company’s success by enjoying breakfast with the entire team and then continuing to your desks still feeling the energy everyone brought to the table moments before.

To me, an engaged employee is someone who doesn’t come to work because they have to, but because they truly believe in the work they do and that what they do matters. It’s being an individual who is part of a team, pulling in the same direction because you have the same conviction that what you do and how you do it makes all the difference. It’s being a part of a bigger picture.

Employee engagement is treating your employees like you want your employees to treat your customers.

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Author: Brittany Watson

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